Three Smart Options for Dash-Mounted Smart Phone Holders

How to determine the best dash-mounted phone holder for your phone and your vehicle.

One of the greatest features of a smartphone is its ability to provide driving directions to any address, and display a live road and traffic map that will guide you there. All you need to do is open the map app, input where you want to go, and start driving. And, smartphones allow you listen to digital music files or podcasts as you drive.

Of course, you will need to glance at the phone screen when you’re behind the wheel, which is difficult to do if the phone is laying on the passenger seat or, worse, on the floor mat because you attempted to hold it in one hand while driving—never a good idea—and you dropped it. That’s why a dash mount phone holder is essential equipment these days for anyone who drives. But how do you choose the best one for you out of all the phone holders on the market? Here’s a guide to help you do that.

1. Suction Cup Holders

Make sure the phone holder you choose will adhere solidly to the dash or glass and won’t pop off when you’re going over bumps, especially if you have a heavy phone. iOttie


You want a dash-mount phone holder that won’t require anything to be glued to your phone. That means you want a bracket-style phone holder, so you simply pop the phone in, secure it, and go. Bracket style phone holders typically have a suction-cup base and a pivoting arm, so you can position the phone where you want on a dashboard or windshield, and then angle it to your liking.

2. Vent-Mounted Holders

Air-vent phone holders have the additional advantage of not blocking your view of the road, and allow easy access to the phone’s power port. WizGear


Air-vent-style phone holders attach to the fins of a dashboard air vent, which are located in places that make it easy for you to glance at your phone while driving. They also don’t block your view of the road. Air-vent phone holders have a strong magnet on their bases. You simply attach an included thin metal plate to the back of your phone (or the phone’s case), place your phone on the holder, and go.

3. CD-Slot Mounted Holders

Still listen to CDs? We don’t either. Which makes a CD slot-mounted phone holder a handy gadget to have. iOttie


A phone holder with a half-moon-shaped disc that fits into your CD slot (and doesn’t harm the mechanism inside) is another good option. Such holders have pivoting arms so you can angle the phone toward you and see the screen clearly. These holders are good for heavy phones because of the super-sturdy mounting system.