Three Things To Consider When Buying Tactical Boots

Tactical boots deliver rugged performance and an aggressive look. Whether you’re climbing a mountain or kicking down a door, here are three things to look for in your next pair.

Do you see a pair of tac boots in your near future, but don’t quite know how to choose the best model? Whether you plan to use them in law enforcement, first responder situations or just as recreational tools, the selection is made much easier if you consider key features like traction, durability and comfort.

Featuring a durable rubber outsole, these boots are engineered for maximum grip on varied terrain. Maelstrom


Traction is key when walking, hiking or working in rough, rugged environments. It’s important to look for a boot model with an outsole that can really grip the ground well regardless of conditions. Boots without adequate traction will cause you nothing but trouble—right up to the day you toss them into the dumpster.

This boot’s leather and mesh construction ensures durability, even with rough use. Maelstrom


Durability is probably the most important attribute of good tactical boots, since they usually live a fairly rough life. Having boots that let you down 10 miles away from your vehicle in rugged country is sure to increase your vocabulary—and not for the better. Look for boots made of durable leather, which is resistant to scrapes and water, combined with a lightweight mesh for breathability.

Some models like this one have cushioned, removable inserts for added comfort. Bates


We all know from life experience that if your boots aren’t comfortable, you’ll never be happy with them. In fact, there are few things more aggravating than uncomfortable boots, which tend to remind you of that fact every few minutes. Comfortable tactical boots have plenty of cushioning and stability, and padded collars and tongues can make them feel even better.